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Title: St Patricks Day

Description: Love to dress u

Photographer: Cheryl Nettleton

Title: Art Therapy

Description: This is my Nana proudly showing us her art creation, her name, and decorations, which she made at the Alzheimer's day club

Photographer: Briony Ashley

Title: Peek a boo

Description: Playing spontaneous peek a boo while setting the table for dinner

Photographer: Fee Sievers

Title: Tatarabuela

Description: 102 Great Great Grand Mum

Photographer: Orquídea TM

Title: Grandma's kiss


I designed fabric in going out with my mum and to raise awareness of dementia. We had a family photo shoot and my you gest son spontaneously gave his grandma a kiss

Photographer: Helen Kelly

Title: Coloring with Grandad

Description: Grandad Bill remembering his colors and doing some coloring with Koby his granddaughter who helps out with keeping a smile on grandad's face!!

Photographer: Jessica Petrie

Title: Forever the Joker

Description: This is my dad Richard living with Louis Body Dementia. This was taken at his Granddaughters (my nieces) wedding earlier this year. The day started with lots of confusion and tears but ended with HEAPS of laughter, dancing, and having an amazing day that will never be forgotten.

Photographer: Kelly Scott

Title: Priceless moments with his Nanny 💜

Description: Our son, Ihaka, and my mum have a beautiful bond. We love her so they see each other every day and he just loves spending time with her. The privilege of creating these memories is so precious and makes the hard moments and days easier to cope with xxx

Photographer: Tania Herbert

Title: Puppy love

Description: Mum with a therapy dog

Photographer: Lin MillerMiller

Title: My Mum & Dad

Description: Last photo of my darling Dad

Photographer: Elaine Bond

Title: Birthday Smiles

Description: Wishing Dad a Happy Birthday at Parkhaven Hospital

Photographer: Sarah Lee

Title: Our Mumma

Description: Our Mumma Diana, still our Lady Di

Photographer: Lisa Dinning

Title: Love never fails

Description: My mother has Alzheimers and yet always has a love for family. This is her three-year-old great-grandson.

Photographer: Linda Baxter

Title: A helping hand

Description: Shaky years with Lewy Body but even the little ones helped.

Photographer: Linda Braun

Title: Ipad

Description: My mother who has dementia and my granddaughter, helping each other with an I pad.

Photographer: Janice Wiri

Title: First meeting

Description: 91 yr old early-onset sufferer Grandad meets his 3-week old Granddaughter for the very first time ...priceless ....instant bond.

Photographer: Pauline Hamilton

Title: My Husband just before admission to a Rest Home

Photographer: Ailsa Martin-Buss

Title: Brother and Sister

Description: Before Alzheimers took over my sister's life

Photographer: Rodney Shepherd

Title: Granny let’s dance

Description: Ricoh 11yrs asking granny Pearl 85yr with dementia to dance in the evening after a long day at school for Ricoh, and a long day at home for Pearl by herself. She obliges as happy to have a grandson showing interest and wanting to have fun with her.

Photographer: Bridget Wilson

Title: Robin

Description: Robin my husband is an Alzheimer’s sufferer. Here he is showered, shaved, and dressed to face the day. He ponders, what is there in his day? This was taken before I lead him out to sit near the window and watch the birds and people going past.

Photographer: Gail Griffin

Title: I love you till the end of the world.

Description: My mother has Alzheimer and my father just passed away in March 2021. He was the only one who she remembers, but she doesn't know or realise that he is gone.

Photographer: Marcelo Duque Cesar

Title: Grandpa and grandson playing

Description: Grandpa having dementia having a good time outside playing with his grandson. Outdoor activities are good for dementia people!

Photographer: Munsif Ali

Title: Loving our Nanny

Description: Mum’s grandchildren are amazing at understanding her Alzheimer’s… her so much love and patience.

Photographer: Adriane Bancroft

Title: Love always

Description: My mom meeting the youngest member of our extended family. She may not remember who he is but she always enjoys spending time with him.

Photographer: Wendy Cross

Title: Age is Only a number

Description: My late husband with a serious condition of Alzheimers only recognised me and by some sort of miracle he knew his grandson

Photographer: Marie Rangi

Title: Making memories with Nonna 💜

Description: Grandson and Grandmother sharing morning tea at Mary Doyle (9 years ago)

Photographer: Christine Canderle

Title: Laughter is the best tonic with Grandma!

Description: Lots of laughter and fun with Grandma

Photographer: Melissa Warren

Title: Well, hello you!

Description: Dad meeting his newest great-granddaughter from Brisbane just before the trans-Tasman bubble burst!

Photographer: Megan Ede

Title: So Much Love

Description: My Darling Mum My Darling Granddaughter

Photographer: Zita Bezuidenhout

Title: Mutual admiration!

Description: This photo of my mother, Anne, was taken a few weeks ago when she met her 16th great-grandchild, Clementine. This is now a more special photo than ever as since it was taken she has fallen ill and is in care, and would not be able to hold a baby like this.

Photographer: Janet Sorensen

Title: The good life of our loving mother

Description: My beautiful Mum

Photographer: Katherine Rapana

Title: Dancing Queen

Description: Mum taught me to Rock n Roll as a child and it still brings light and sparks into Mum's eyes, it connects us instantly. Even the caregivers in the rest home dance with Mum! Please entitle it "Connections".

Photographer: Donna Hunt

Title: My Heart, My Dad, Mr. Max

Description: This is a photo of my Dad Max with my daughter. He was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimers in 2012. My daughter visits him every day and his face always lights up when he sees her.

Photographer: Mareah Mata

Title: Forever loved

Description: Spending precious time with Great Grandma. (GG)

Photographer: Michelle Young

Title: Eternal love

Description: Great-grandma still knows her little people although she rarely sees them in person, with her husband of over 60 years by her side, and visiting religiously every afternoon rain or shine!

Photographer: Lynette Gous

Title: Visiting dad makes my week

Description: Having some special family time with Brian at his home.

Photographer: Tracey Entwistle

Title: Meeting Grandad

Description: Sebastian got to meet his Grandad, Les, who has early-onset.

Photographer: Kate Watson

Title: A moment in time with Grandma

Description: My Mum, who died with Alzheimer’s this year pictured with our children.

Photographer: Tracy Kendall

Title: Aroha Nui

Description: This photo portrays the very essence of the relationship my children share with their great grandmother, my nan. She always loved caring for her mokopuna and though she has been living with dementia for the past two years that heart to do so is still there. They are great mates for each other and bring each other much joy. We are very blessed to have the time we have.

Photographer: Jessica Northcroft

Title: Cool granny

Description: Sitting at the table with her grandson, wearing his sunglasses and holding the broom

Photographer: Marthalina Nga

Title: 99th Birthday for a Very Special Man

Description: Celebrating Poppa's 99th Birthday earlier this year.

Title 99th Birthday for a Very Special Man

Photographer: Shoshanna James

Title: Mollie and Lionel Hussey

Description: A sing-along at Camelia Court, Christchurch.

Photographer: Karen Bell

Title: Happy Hour

Description: Uncle Ken having a beer with his great-nephew at our weekly visits.

Photographer: Vanessa Taylor

Title: My Mum

Description: Hidden Memories.

Photographer: Arjan Van Hasselt

Title: The Three Musketeers

Description: Three generations of women on a lunch date. Looking good mum. Xxx

Photographer: Cathy Bentley

Title: Great Uncle Alister teaching Mila

Description: Special times when Mila's Uncle come to stay

Photographer: Fiona Parrant

Title: My heart

Description: Me and my gorgeous Mum, mum was diagnosed in 2014 with Alzheimers, we have been there every step of the way, it is hard work, it is heartbreaking but our love for our mum prevails.

Photographer: Donna Jones

Title: Forever and always ❤

Description: This is a photo of my mum Helen and my daughter Brooke. Mum got Encephalitis in 2017 and now has advanced dementia.

Photographer: Rachael Snee

Title: Trish and Mary

Description: Me and Mum (Mary) having a laugh.

Photographer: Patricia McGregor

Title: Poppa has the gardening skills

Description: Poppa might not know the names of the plants anymore but he still knows what to do aye mum!?" He gets his hands on a shovel, all our worries melt away and he says "I'm happy here ye know, with you lot"

Photographer: Briar Nicol

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